Colour Obsession Paste


Colour Obsession Paste are highly concentrated colourants especially formulated for use in epoxy resin. The pigments are typically opaque, but when applied in smaller concentrations they produce varying degrees of transparency. From vase designs to full-blown countertops. Adding the Paste to your resin will add a variety and beauty that will go unmatched. Create your own unique collection of  colours by mixing two or more pastes together.

The Colour Obsession paste colour combinations are infinite!  It can be used to spice up paint, glue art, and others. Adding unique colors and pallet mixtures that would normally incapable of being able to achieve. Markedly, obtaining a unique look that can elevate your artwork and your art portfolio. Meaning the paste has multiple purposes, making the investment worth it.

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Additional information

Weight .40 lbs
Colour Obsession Paste Colors

Azure Shimmer, Blue Mermaid, Blue Moon Shimmer, Brownish Mauve, Caribean Dream, Cherry, Chocolate Brown, Chocolate Orange, Dark Turquoise, Diamond Shimmer, Double 0.7 Gold Powder, Double O-2 Silver Powder, Fire Engine Red, Jacaranda Shimmer, Peacock Green, Rich Gold Shimmer, Snow White, Teal Green, Warm Taupe

Colour Obsession Paste Sizes

10g, 50g


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