Colour Passion Paste


Colour Obsession Metallic Epoxy Pigment Pastes are highly concentrated colourants especially formulated for use in epoxy resin. The pigments are typically opaque, but when applied in smaller concentrations they produce varying degrees of transparency.

Create your own unique collection of colours by mixing two or more pastes together. The colour combinations are infinite!

Made in Australia

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Colour Passion Paste (Colors)

Aqua Sea, Beach Sand Luster, Beige Luster, Beige Stone, Black Passion, Chestnut, Coetzee Shimmer, Crimson Queen, Dark and Stormy, Dark Mushroom, Debbie Shimmer, Deborah Shimmer, Deep Sea, Deep Turquoise, Ebony Luster, Emerald Passion, Erika Shimmer, Exotic Teal, Fluro Green, Fluro Pink, Fluro Watermelon, Helen Shimmer, Ice Blue Luster, Icky Finks Shimmer, Jacki Shimmer, John Shimmer, Judy Shimmer, Kymmie Shimmer, Lavender Dream, Lemonade, Lorrainne Shimmer, Michelle Shimmer, Passion Base Cell White 250gm, Passion Base Cell White 50gm, Passion TOP Cell White, Pearl Shimmer, Pearl White Luster, Pilbara Ochre, Rhondaqua, Sage Luster, Serendipity – Pearl, Simon Shimmer, Soft Peach Luster, Spearmint, Taupe Stone, Thornton Shimmer, Truly Teal, Violet, Wisteria


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