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Our Countertop Metallic Collection is perfect for spicing up countertops. This collection has a range of Earth tones that will provide your project with that metallic look you want for your countertop. These Earth toned mica powders will make your countertops the conversation piece of your home. The collection combines perfectly with all of our epoxy so the countertops will be beautiful and durable. These colors will be vivid for years when they are combined with our epoxy.

Kit Includes:

Forest Green, Bronze, White, Pewter, Copper, Blue Earth, Dark Red, Dark Bronze, Blue Pearl, Black, Diamond Dust, Gold Dust

This metallic powder collection is a selection of Stone Coat Countertops most popular colors for creating realistic looking stone epoxy countertops. Each natural, color fast fine particulate mica powder come in a resealable 15-gram bag and will tint 1 full gallon of mixed epoxy. Stone Coat's metallic powders are extremely U.V. stable.

Learn more about our Countertop Metallic Collection, and more on the RK3 Designs YouTube channel. For idea inspiration, watch this video to help with technique using this metallic collection. If you prefer to learn in person, we offer many classes and workshops for students of all levels.

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Weight .80 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 × 2.50 × 8.00 in


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