Epoxy Thickener polyfiber by Stone Coat Countertops


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Epoxy thickener polyfiber is your new best friend for all your epoxy projects. The formula makes this thickener easy to work with for all levels of designers like you.

Use: Add PolyFiber to mixed Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy to create a thickened epoxy for vertical use

Directions: Carefully mix PolyFiber into liquid mixed epoxy to create a thick mixture. Add enough PolyFiber  to achieve desired level of thickening. For example: When thickening epoxy for vertical wall use we will thicken the epoxy on a 1:1 ratio. 1 quart of epoxy : 1 quart of PolyFiber. When mixing thickened epoxy for use with seaming, we recommend keeping the ratio the same at 1:1 The mixing ratio can be adjusted to your preference.

Epoxy thickener polyfiber will provide your kitchen, shower, or countertop with a design that is not only beautiful, but sturdy. Thickening polyfiber provides a sturdy environment for your epoxy to set and cure so your design will be as firm and long lasting as it can be. Thickening epoxy allows for really unique projects like creating a marble effect and updating countertops or other areas in the home. Learn more about epoxy and thickening polyfiber on the RK3 Designs YouTube channel.

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