TCP Mixing Buckets


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TCP Mixing Buckets provide a mess-free paint mixing experience, when using epoxy with any Tint and color additives for RK3 Accurately measure and mix paint, primers, stain, epoxy and polyester resins, clears, single stage, base coat and any refinishing product in these sturdy, solvent-resistant clear plastic mixing cups. Graduated measurements make mixing easy and accurate.

Calibrated for measuring in both ounces and milliliters. For larger cups, add quarts and liters. Calibrated for 9 mixing ratios. All scales are read on the outside of the cup. The clear container makes it easy to ensure accurate measurements. Epoxy glues get really hot when you mix them, so an alternative we recommend using something stronger like TCP Mixing Buckets, other than regular plastic cups that might melt if you use it for mixing.

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1 pint/16oz, 1 Qt/32oz, 5 Qt/174oz, 2 Qt/64oz


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