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Alumilite Liquid Dyes

Alumilite Liquid Dyes

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Enhance your epoxy projects with Stone Coat Countertops' Liquid Epoxy Dye, tailored for compatibility with phenolic resin and hardeners. These vibrant dyes allow you to achieve realistic natural stone effects, artistic designs, or any DIY concept for epoxy countertops, including exotic pours and various marble, granite, and quartz finishes.

Designed for optimal integration, these dyes maintain the resin's integrity while offering extensive color choices that mix easily for custom shades. Our formula ensures brilliance and clarity in your projects, with all dyes being non-toxic, free from harsh chemicals, and cruelty-free.

Each 1 fluid ounce bottle is highly concentrated, sufficient to color a 2-gallon kit of Stone Coat countertop epoxy. For smaller projects, only a few drops are necessary to achieve vibrant colors, with a maximum addition of 5% by weight. When mixing with other manufacturers' epoxy, add the dye gradually to ensure compatible viscosity.

For deep color saturation in larger projects, one bottle of dye per gallon of epoxy is recommended. Ensure you have enough dye for your project to maintain consistent coloration throughout.

Discover the perfect hue for your creations with Stone Coat Countertops Liquid Epoxy Dye and achieve professional-grade results with ease.

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