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Ultimate Top Coat by Stone Coat Countertops

Ultimate Top Coat by Stone Coat Countertops

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Ultimate Top Coat Downloadable Instructional PDF

Ultimate Top Coat - Hybrid Coating Technology

Stone Coat Countertop's Ultimate Top Coat is the ultimate solution for long-lasting, durable epoxy surfaces. Our top coat provides maximum protection to your functional art epoxy surfaces, keeping them pristine for years to come. Compatible with top epoxy products like Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy, Art Coat, Super Cast, and Casting Resin, it's perfect for various applications such as new epoxy countertops, shower walls, woodworking projects, and art pieces. With the option to revive worn old tops by sanding the epoxy surface with 220 and applying the Ultimate Top Coat, you'll achieve a natural-looking, scratch-resistant countertop that's ideal for professional and DIY projects. Best of all, applying the Ultimate Top Coat allows you to use your kitchen sooner, without the usual 7 days wait before light use. Protect your epoxy surfaces as they reach maximum durability to heat and scratches within 30 days of pouring. Experience the difference with Stone Coat Countertop's Ultimate Top Coat.

Ultimate Top Coat - Natural Matte Finish:

Achieve a stunning matte or satin finish on your countertops with our natural finish Ultimate Top Coat. Designed to mimic the luxurious feel of leathered granite, this topcoat reflects less light, enhancing the visibility of the epoxy finish while providing essential protection against micro scratching and wear.

For optimal results in your kitchen or bathroom project, we recommend applying the Ultimate Top Coat to a practice board, following the mixing instructions provided below. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Ultimate Topcoat - Glossy Finish:

Get the ultimate protection for your countertops with the glossy Ultimate Top Coat. This high gloss finish provides the same level of protection as a natural finish, but with an added touch of elegance. Its subtle texture sets it apart from the smooth appearance of epoxy's clear coat, enhancing scratch resistance and safeguarding against damage from heavy kitchen items. Follow the mixing and thinning instructions below to achieve a durable countertop with minimal texture. Upgrade your countertops today!

Application Instructions:

Coverage: Approx. 50 square feet

Mixing Ratio: 2:1

Dry Time: 8-9 hours

Ready For Use: 24 hours


*Do not use a sprayer to apply the Ultimate Top Coat*

Mixing Instructions:

Ultimate Top Coat Downloadable Instructional PDF

Application Instructions:

Watch Ultimate Top Coat Application Video: Click HERE 

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