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Art Coat Epoxy (Same as Original with higher UVA protection)

Art Coat Epoxy (Same as Original with higher UVA protection)

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Art Coat Extreme Ultra Violet Resistant Epoxy

Ideal for projects with white and light-colored epoxy, as well as creating stunning epoxy artwork.

Art Coat epoxy resin - the industry's most UV-resistant epoxy coating. Achieve stunning results for your DIY or professional projects with our specially formulated Art Coat. With an extended working time of over 65 minutes, it provides ample opportunity to perfect your project to your exact liking. Ideal for pristine white and light-colored epoxy finishes, Art Coat ensures long-lasting color vibrancy. Its compatibility with a wide range of epoxy color additives like Polycolor metallic powders, glitters, and liquid epoxy dyes opens up endless creative possibilities. Designed to withstand the demands of kitchens and bathrooms, Art Coat offers enhanced UV protection and heat resistance of up to 450°F. Explore the world of epoxy art masterpieces or elevate your space with a stunning white or light-colored epoxy countertop or shower wall project. Experience unparalleled results with Art Coat.

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