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Speedcure Countertop Pro

Speedcure Countertop Pro

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FAST One-Day Epoxy Countertop

Installations for Professionals 

SPEEDCURE Countertop PRO–the ultimate solution for efficient, professional-grade epoxy countertop installations. Designed for faster curing times, SPEEDCURE Countertop PRO allows you to finish epoxy countertop installations within a single day, making it perfect for experienced users and professional contractors alike.

SPEEDCURE Countertop PRO performs similarly to our high-end Epoxy and Epoxy Art Coat products, but with a MUCH FASTER curing time. This advanced resin blend increases project efficiency and profits by enabling you to complete more in less time.

High UV Stability for Long-Lasting Results

Equipped with UV stabilizers, SPEEDCURE Countertop PRO prevents rapid discoloration commonly experienced with other epoxy resins. Stand out from the competition with eye-catching, high-performance results that command premium pricing and minimize future callbacks. 

Supercharge your success with SPEEDCURE Countertop PRO. Perfect for both residential and commercial projects, this innovative epoxy allows you to achieve stunning results with unprecedented speed. Experience faster installations, beautiful high-definition finishes, and the freedom to take on more projects, all while saving time and money. 

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