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White Quartz Epoxy Kit

White Quartz Epoxy Kit

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Revitalize your countertops and shower walls with the White Quartz Epoxy Kit. Designed for DIY enthusiasts, this comprehensive kit includes everything required to achieve a high-end white quartz appearance without the hefty price tag of big box stores. Suitable for enhancing existing surfaces or building new ones, our kit simplifies the renovation process, making it accessible to anyone.

Enjoy the elegance of white quartz and the pride of a DIY project well done. With straightforward instructions, you'll transform your space with new surfaces that elevate your home's aesthetics and value.

White Quartz Epoxy Kit Coverage Rates:

  • 1/2-gallon covers 10 square feet
  • 1-gallon covers 20 square feet
  • 2-gallon covers 40 square feet
  • 4-gallon covers 80 square feet

Kit Contents:

  • Art Coat Epoxy (1/2, 1, 2, or 4 gallons)
  • Diamond Dust Metallic Powder
  • Black Glitter
  • Silver Glitter
  • WHITE Epoxy Undercoat

*4-gallon White Quartz Epoxy Kit contains 2 of every additive and 2 - Epoxy Undercoats - White

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